MSC Sinfonia crew members face additional restrictions after 4% of the crew test positive for Covid

Jun 20, 2022

MSC Sinfonia crew members are facing restrictions after the number of positive Covid-19 cases among the ship’s employees has increased. The ship has implemented additional health and safety protocols on board in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus after last week's swab results overreached 4% of the crew members that tested positive for Covid. Some privileges have been immediately revoked till the number of positive csses will be reduced.

The ship has activated the following measures which will remain until the situation improves and the number of cases reduces noticeably:

More frequent sanitization of the crew areas (3 times per day).

Crew at all levels must avoid crossing the isolation area, on Deck 9 and 10, without proper Personal Protective Equipment.

Exit in ports is not allowed (only shore-ex staff is allowed to escort groups during tours.)

Access for crew at all levels is not allowed in guests buffet area, guests bars and lounges, theatre, guest gym, guests pool, 

Crew visitors are not allowed, and the family cruise program is suspended for now.

Crew gym is closed and crew bar is only for takeaway.

The crew disco is closed until further notice, and the crew smoking area will be at Deck 7.

The ship's management is asking the crew for cooperation in following the rules and all other policies to avoid the spread of the virus, including washing or sanitizing hands often, social distancing, and avoiding necessary meetings.

The latest update is that after careful consideration the ship's command decided to revise some of the restrictions and onboard activities including:

- Crew members in need of fresh air can use the track on Deck 12 to walk/ run from 10 pm till midnight.

- The crew pool area on Deck 8, will remain open as long as there is sunlight.

- The sports court is closed until further notice.

- The Crew Welfare Committee is suspended

The news comes just days after MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia have seen a rise of positive cases among the crew, which are also facing similar restrictive measures.