My Life as a Crew Member

Mar 01, 2018

Before working on ships, I had never stepped foot on a cruise ship, or had any idea of what a cruise even was. I originally saw this opportunity as a way to do a bit of traveling for 6 months, and earn some money at the side. Little did I know that this experience was going to become my career, and change my life!

I work as a 'shoppee' onboard a huge ship! We work everyday in the duty and tax-free stores. We sell merchandise from big brands in alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates, watches, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, perfumes - basically everything you would expect from a duty-free store at the airport. Working in the shops on cruise ships is just like being a sales assistant in a retail store on the high street. We have to serve guests, re-stock, inventory, delivery...(typical retail stuff)

The job can be a lot of fun! We get to interact with the guests all day, and we are located right in the heart of the ship. It's just like working in a shopping mall. I work in a team of 20, and there are five large stores onboard! However, we do work some pretty long hours...

Hey guys, I'm Chris from Liverpool. Welcome to my life as a crew member onboard a large cruise ship. Make sure to check out the rest of my blog - where I talk about social life, travel, what I do in my free time, and crew lifestyle (e.g. where do we live?, what do we eat?). Leave me a comment, and ask me any questions you may have about working on cruise ships.