Norwegian Cruise Line Lays Off 300 Employees at Harvest Caye

May 27, 2020


As the cruise industry is suffering its biggest crises in history the cruise companies started to adjust its operational costs any way they can. As a result, a number of employees have already been laid off across all cruise lines. The latest cuts comes from Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, with 300 employees on the private island destination Harvest Caye being left without jobs.

The news was released by Belize TV Channel “News 5” reporting of a massive layoff in the cruise tourism sector where NCL has sent home close to three hundred employees from its private resort Harvest Caye, in southern Belize. News 5 said that despite the fact that the NCL raised 2.2 billion dollars to stay afloat by pledging a pair of vessels and the privately owned island of Harvest Caye as collateral, NCL has been forced to temporarily shut down its operations in Belize. The latest layoffs comes as a result of the coronavirus global pandemic which has seen a collapse of bookings and a demand for refunds on cancelations.