Norwegian Cruise Line Orders Two Leonardo Class Cruise Ships

Jul 13, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line confirmed the previously announced option to build the fifth and sixth ships of the Leonardo Class with the Italian Shipbuilder Fincantieri SpA.

The two additional units will be delivered in 2026 and 2027, continuing the ongoing trend towards long-term planning. One of the key features in the design phase of the prototypes is energy efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment. The fuel consumption should be kept as low as possible the company says. However, according to the current state of affairs, none of the ships will be equipped with an LNG propulsion system. With 140,000 gross tons, these vessels will be slightly smaller than the previous new Breakaway Plus ships. While the competition builds ever larger cruise ships, the Leonardo class has a still relatively small size ship with space for 3300 passengers. (In comparison: MSC's World Class ships will carry up to 7000 passengers). This allows a greater variety of offers, especially because most ports are still not geared to gigantic ships. 

Frank Del Rio, President and Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., said: "This order extends our newbuilding program and our strong growth path into the future." "The six Leonardo-class vessels will enable us to expand our operations in existing and new destinations and bring new experiences to our guests."