Norwegian Gem Update by the Captain

Nov 08, 2017

This is the audio from the PA system on the NCL Gem. The captain is informing passengers and crew about the engine breakdown. All the passengers are flying home and the ship will sail to Granada before reaching Barbados where passengers will disembark. Norwegian Gem disembarkation in Barbados will be on Friday and Saturday.

This is the transcript of the Norwegian Gem announcement by the captain “This is very important information coming now. Probably some of you have figured out. We have experienced some technical issues with one of our pod drives, and the ship is perfectly safe but the problem is that we can’t do required speed to be able to reach New York on time for Saturday morning. So that is the sad story guys. 

So what are we going to do then? That’s the next question yes. The company has been working overnight and today we have alternative plans, and as you can understand it’s not that easy to find ports in the remaining islands in the Caribbean which has not been damaged and has open space for the ship come out of a blue, so to speak. Anyway, the office has managed to secure a berth for tomorrow in Grenada. We will be arriving at 8 a.m. and we will be leaving at 6 p.m. tomorrow evening. For a day at sea on Thursday and then on Friday morning we will be arriving in Barbados where arrangements have been made for your disembarkation and then to take you home to New York. We have chartered plains etc. etc... and all this will be clear and you will be given a letter from the office. You can read there how the things will happen and will be disembarking there on Friday and Saturday in Barbados and it’s a question who wants to go early and who wants to go late. 

That’s the thing will be sorted out tomorrow by the office and at the moments I don’t have any details regarding that, but everything should be taken care off. You will be repatriated to New York on Norwegians account, so don’t worry about that one. It will be all taken care of. Well as I said before it’s a little bit sad or very sad but things break now and then…”