Only for Crew: How you Become “Babaloo” on Cruise Ship

Jul 07, 2017

Do you really like to know how will be your first contract as a crew member, and how is the ship life on a cruise ship? Here is a quick video guide of how you become Babaloo for the cruise company.

Princess Cruises crew member made a video named “Princess Cruises Crew Real Life Parody” which summons up what is going on behind the scenes in the life of each crew member in a period of one contract. As he says “This is the REAL way you become a BIG babaloo on a cruise ship. This video Cruise Line must show you at the beginning of your contract.” Aldo this video shows the life of Princess crew, I can tell you this goes for all cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean. Carnival, Celebrity Cruises etc.

People working on cruise ships come from all over the world and they developed special ship language which is a combination of many languages such as Italian, Filipino, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Croatian etc. and made Esperanto ship language. Only crew members can understand this video. For the rest watching this Babaloo video will be like listening to aliens speak.