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Philippines Independence Day Celebrated With Amazing Flyboarding Show in Torbay

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Hundreds of crew members on board the cruise ships anchored off the coast of Torbay were greeted with a sensation flyboard acrobatics. This breathtaking show took place on June 12, marking the celebrations of 123rd Philippine Independence Day.  Torquay’s flyboarder James Prestwood impressed the crowds as he jetted above the water alongside the magnificent ship Marella Discovery. 

These amazing photos were shot by Kasia Waryszak, who is also a flyboarder. She said that the show was specially organized by the Captain of Marella Discovery as a surprise and sign of appreciation to all Filipino crew.

“They loved it. It was arranged with the captain as it was a Filipino Independence Day that day, and it was a surprise for the crew. James was flying with the Filipino flag.” Kasia said.

James was kind enough to send us plenty of photos flyboarding next to the Marella Discovery (which you can view at the end of this page), saying that he was at a safe distance, at least 50 metres away from the ship. “It always looks closer in the pictures and videos,” James said.

We have seen so many impressive celebrations of the Philippine Independence Day on cruise ships but this one tops them all. On behalf of all Filipino seafarers thank you James and Kasia for making this day even more special.

This is not the first time for the couple to cheer up the crew with their flyboarding acrobatics. Last month they were flyboarding next to Holland America Line cruise ship ms Oosterdam and as sign of appreciation, they were greeted with the blow from the ships horns.

You can see more awesome flyboarding photos on James Prestwood Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Kasia Waryszak