Plague in Madagascar: Costa and Aida Cruises Cancel Calls

Nov 09, 2017

Costa Cruises and AIDA Cruises have canceled all cruise ship calls to Madagascar due to the pneumonic plague on the big island. Madagascar is currently facing an unusual epidemic affecting geographically extensive areas on the island with new cases reported in recent days. The medical department continuously monitors the local situation regarding the plague epidemic and is in close contact with international health agencies reports local media.

Costa neoRiviera already canceled ports in Madagascar which caused dissatisfaction among the passengers and even a mutiny. One passenger was ordered to disembark the ship for disobeying captain’s orders and mutiny. 

The leader of the revolt - Alain Jan - did not hesitate to show his anger aboard the liner and therefore he disembarked with his wife in Seychelles at the end of the sixth day of the voyage. He says that 300 people were at the theater to express their dissatisfaction to the captain. According to Alain, the company knew about the plague before the cruise started and didn’t offer any alternative ports.

Costa send a statement saying "Costa Cruises naturally understands the disappointment of the passengers who were waiting impatiently for all stops on the Costa neoRiviera route, and regrets the epidemic that is currently raging in Madagascar." For Costa Cruises, safety, health, and well-being of passengers and crew is the top priority. The # 1 goal is to offer a safe vacation. The Company has made every effort to maintain stopovers in Madagascar, examining all possible alternatives and managing the programming. Recently and a few hours before the distribution of the communication to the passengers on board, they met the health authorities of Mauritius to discuss the plague epidemic in Madagascar. Although Madagascar has an effective surveillance system, control of the plague remains a public health problem. The health authorities in Mauritius have expressed serious concerns about the situation in Madagascar and the risk associated with the spread of the epidemic in Mauritius and surrounding areas.

Passengers were informed and a compensation of 150 € per person onboard credit was offered to enjoy the ship during the extra days at sea. 

The German Cruise Line AIDA will also postpone scheduled stops in December of the cruise ship Aida Aura.