Pregnant Crew Member Airlifted From MSC Cruise Ship

Apr 12, 2019

The Spanish search and rescue agency Salvamento Maritimo performed a remarkable evacuation of a Brazilian woman who was in labor on a cruise ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. After experiencing contractions and almost giving birth on board MCS Seaview the woman was airlifted from the vessel some 400 miles of the coast of Gran Canaria on Monday, April 8, 2019. Ships officers’ immediately contacted Gran Canaria Rescue Center watchstanders, responding with one helicopter SuperPuma and airplane AirbusHeli to the scene.

The woman who was a crew member working in the housekeeping department was airlifted and transferred to a hospital in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. Luckily everything went well and the woman gave birth to a healthy boy the same day. The happy news was later shared onboard MSC Seaview where the crew and the passengers celebrated the birth of the child. The mother said the baby will be named Giuseppe, in honor of MSC Seaview Captain Giuseppe Galano.

One can only imagine what this strong woman experienced after working several months onboard not knowing she was pregnant and finally to be airlifted some 400 miles to give birth to a healthy baby. Despite the shock, the mother and baby are well and will soon return to Brazil. 

MSC Cruises didn’t report the mother's identity but said it was giving full support. "MSC Cruises welcomes this new family member. We continue to support our crew, ensuring that they receive all the necessary care, as well as arranging their return journey home." Despite the unusual situation, the voluntary mobilization of the crew drew the attention of MSC. "The situation was surprising for us, and especially for our crew. It was handled quickly, professionally and efficiently." said the company in a statement.

To the proud mother and her newborn baby Giuseppe, we are wishing lifetime of happiness, and all the best in this exciting new stage of their lives.

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