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Analysis: Princess Cruises Statistics by Ports 2017

Feb 06, 2017

The following analysis shows how many cruise destinations will be visited by Princess Cruises entire fleet of cruise ships in 2017. Princess Cruises statistics shows how many ports will be visited and the top 20 destinations by the cruise company. Please note, this unofficial statistics, intended for informative use only is created by the Crew Center team. As a base for creating this analysis, cruise itineraries provided by a third party was used. 

Gastro outbreak hits Sun Princess

Feb 02, 2017

Around 90 passengers onboard Princess Cruises ship Sun Princess, were affected by gastrointestinal symptoms. The 2000 passengers on board docked in Brisbane, Australia yesterday morning, having completed a 12-day trip to Papua New Guinea. According to Princess Cruises, "only a small number" of the vacationers and crew were affected by the stomach bug. People on board started contracting Norovirus at the final days of the journey.

Princess Cruises First to Implement the Ocean Medallion

Jan 05, 2017

At the world's largest tradeshow for consumer technology CES in Las Vegas, Carnival Corporation has announced the launch of wearable tech gadget called Ocean Medallion.  The world's first interactive experience platform capable of transforming cruise travel to a highly personalized holiday, will be first implemented on Princess Cruises 

Grand Princess hull damaged by faulty platform

Dec 05, 2016

A damage to the hull caused by faulty tender platform forced the cruise ship Grand Princess to return back to Honolulu. According to Princess Cruise Line statement, the platform on the starboard side has opened, for reasons yet unknown, while the vessel was departing from Honolulu, Hawaii. As a result the ship’s hull sustained minor damage which has been secured. Grand Princess Captain confirmed that the ship is safe and has turned around to make an assessment in daylight. 

Princess Cruises to pay $40 million fine for illegal pollution

Dec 02, 2016

The US Department of Justice announced that Princess Cruise Lines has plead guilty to seven charges for intentional pollution of the seas and cover up. The cruise line will have to pay maximum penalty of $40 million fine, which is largest-ever for deliberate pollution of the seas. As reported by the Division of Environment and Natural Resources, the cruise ship Caribbean Princess was dumping oil contaminated waste illegally since 2005 using a so-called "magic pipe".

Here are the 4 finalists for Princess Cruises ‘Entertainer of the Year’

Oct 31, 2016

Four finalists have been selected for this year sixth annual Princess Cruises Entertainer of the Year award. All four artists will perform on board Ruby Princess on the February 25, 2017 voyage to the Mexican Riviera. Each year Princess Cruises’ entertainment department selects four finalists based on guest surveys and the audience response.  The winner will receive the title, along with $5,000 on the final evening of the cruise during a gala event in the piazza. Here are the four finalists for ‘Entertainer of the Year’ award:

Pacific Princess Hits Breakwater in Nice

Oct 14, 2016

Pacific Princess Compartment Number 2 experienced flooding this morning as the cruise ship tried to dock in the port of Nice, France. The vessel encountered strong winds of 45 knots, which caused Pacific Princess to hit the breakwaters at the dock. Port side of the ship was slightly damaged by the impact. Firefighters and divers responded to the scene and will remain if further assistance is needed.

Regal Princess Scores 100 Points on USPH Inspection

Oct 10, 2016

Princess cruise ship Regal Princess scored perfect 100 points on a recent unannounced USPH public health inspection. The latest Princess cruise ship is considered one of the cleanest vessels in the cruise industry. The ship has scored perfect 100 pints on all US Public Health inspections since she set sail in 2014. 

Royal Princess Emerges from Drydock With Giant Hull Logo

Oct 08, 2016

Royal Princess emerged from the dry dock in Palermo with a giant hull logo. The cruise ship is the first in Princess Fleet to receive this distinctive logo, one of the largest in the cruise line industry.

Coast Guard Medevacs Crew Member From Ruby Princess

Sep 24, 2016

The U.S. Coast Guard medevaced a 47-year-old crew member from a Princess cruise ship this morning.