Professional Mermaid Swims up to the cruise ship Genting Dream

Jan 26, 2017

The world’s top professional mermaid named ‘Mermaid Kat’ swam across the Pacific Ocean to Hong Kong and boarded Genting Dream last weekend. From now until 27 January 2017, ‘Mermaid Kat’ will share the story of her “metamorphosis” and make a splash with guests in Dream Cruises’ ‘Dreamscapes’ enrichment programme.

‘Mermaid Kat’ is one of the most successful professional mermaids in the world. Katrin Gray formerly Miss Germany International, mermaid trainer, free diving instructor, scuba instructor and underwater stunt woman. As an accomplished free diver, ‘Mermaid Kat’ talks about the safe use of mermaid tails. She travels the globe to swim in the open oceans alongside sea creatures such as dolphins, turtles, rays, whales and even sharks. ‘Mermaid Kat’ was the first person in the world to swim with hammerhead and tiger sharks whilst wearing a mermaid tail. She performs as an underwater stunt woman while being filmed and photographed for TV commercials, movies and music videos.

‘Mermaid Kat’, who in 2012 established the world’s first-ever mermaid training school, has branches in Australia and Germany and has trained mermaid instructors worldwide. She has also hosted workshops and special events in the U.K., Maldives, Philippines, Australia, Thailand, Switzerland, Austria, Egypt, Indonesia and Germany. ‘Mermaid Kat’ will be donning her specialised mermaid tail and inviting guests to join her in a series of exclusive pool training sessions at Genting Dream’s Main Pool, to learn how to swim like mermaid.

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