Repatriation of the P&O Cruises and Cunard Indian Crew is Under Way

Jun 04, 2020

Today the first repatriation flight for the Indian crew members from Southampton was successfully completed. About 280 crew members disembarked P&O Ventura and took the flight to Mumbai. P&O Cruises and Cunard will arrange 8 additional charter flights in order to bring back all the Indian crew, not just back to their country, but at their homes as well. 

According to report Crew Center received from a P&O crew member, after disembarking the Indian crew P&O Ventura will set sail from Southampton and head to Weymouth Bay to rendezvous with Azura where 20 Indian crew members will be transferred via tender boat. These 20 crew members are registered on the manifest for the next company flight on the 7th of June. This flight will be made up of Indian Nationals mainly from Britannia and Azura plus 20 from Ventura. Ventura will remain in Weymouth Bay over the weekend and return to Southampton on Monday, June 8, in the early morning hours. Ventura next scheduled flight is on Monday with 280 Indian Nationals disembarking on a flight planned for Goa. As mentioned before the company must receive approval for each flight independently, however, the company is confident they will get this approval, following the success of the first flight for the Indian Nationals. The ship authorities announced they have 9 flights planned over the next two and a half weeks. The crew will receive details about the next flights scheduled in order to receive up to date information about the repatriation schedule. The crew was also reminded to follow social distancing and wear masks as the repatriation process depends on the crew following these rules and regulations during the disembarkation and transfers to the airport

According to our source, P&O Cruises and Cunard Line planed charter flights for Indian crew members will be on 

  • June 4th to Mumbai
  • June 7th to Mumbai
  • June 8th to Goa
  • June 9th to Kochi
  • June 11th to Delhi
  • June 12th to Goa
  • June 16th to Goa
  • June 20th to Goa
  • June 22nd to Mumbai

The company requested all crew to be considered and have patience, as every crew member will be reaching India Soon.

As Per New SOP  (7Hotel+7Home) Days quarantine will be required. P&O Cruises and Cunard traveling partner through this repatriation process will be Qatar Airways. The company Is aware that this Is a difficult period and baggage might be another challenge for the crew. Therefore the baggage allowance is changed to 50Kg for check-in Bags and 10 Kg for Hand Bag.