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Royal Caribbean Ship Evacuates U.S. Citizens In Israel

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This morning, a cruise ship arrived at the port of Haifa to carry out a humanitarian mission to evacuate U.S. citizens who wish to leave Israel due to the ongoing conflict.

The U.S. Embassy in Israel has informed residents that the voyage is subject to available space, and those permitted to depart will be allocated a place on the ship, which will set sail for Limassol, Cyprus.

8-Year-Old Boy Rescued After Falls into Gap Between Cruise Ship and Dock

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A terrifying incident unfolded at the port of Salerno, Italy, on October 3rd, when an 8-year-old boy narrowly escaped a tragic fate. The boy had disembarked from a cruise ship with his family at the Salerno Maritime Station, when a simple and innocent moment turned into a terrifying ordeal when the young boy slipped and fell into the water in the small gap separating the dock from the ship.

Aida Cruise Ship Provides Emergency Assistance to Refugees

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The cruise ship Aida Blu aided a small yacht overcrowded with refugees off the coast of Sicily on Monday. The yacht, carrying approximately 40 refugees, approached the cruise ship and was secured alongside Aida Blu. A spokesperson for Aida Cruises addressed the situation, stating that the captain had previously been asked to provide emergency assistance by the Italian authorities.

Baby Medevacked from Cruise Ship Near Port of Kotor

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In a remarkable display of swift coordination and emergency response, a nine-month-old baby, a British citizen, was successfully evacuated from the cruise ship Marella Explorer, due to health problems. The urgent action was carried out by the Coordination Center for Search and Rescue at Sea, which includes the Maritime Safety and Port Management Authority (UPSUL).

Carnival Dream Crew Assists in Rescue of 17 People on Capsized Boat

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The crew of Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Dream came to the rescue of 17 individuals who found themselves stranded in the Belize Channel after their boat capsized. The incident occurred while the Carnival Dream was en route to the island of Cozumel, when the ship's vigilant officers spotted the distressed group and the capsized boat.

Coast Guard Conducts 4 Medevacs from Cruise Ships off California Coast Within 24 Hours

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Within a 24-hour period, the U.S. Coast Guard carried out four medical evacuations of sick passengers from three different cruise ships off the coast of California. The first request for assistance came from the cruise ship Carnival Panorama at approximately 7 p.m.

Coast Guard Helicopter Narrowly Avoids Crash During Cruise Ship Medical Rescue

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A Shocking video recently shared on Twitter by Stacey Brawley shows a US Coast Guard HH-60 T Jahhawk helicopter narrowly avoiding a crash into the sea in an attempt to evacuate a passenger from the cruise ship Carnival Dream. The incident occurred in adverse weather conditions on April 29, approximately 300 miles offshore of Fort Morgan, Alabama, USCG said.