Royal Caribbean Passenger Arrested for Smoking Marijuana in His Cabin

Local media in Barbados report that a US passenger was arrested onboard Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas while the ship was docked in Bridgetown. The 31 year-old Christopher James Sarette from Las Cruces, New Mexico was arrested yesterday for possession and importing of marijuana. Christopher was spotted by cruise ship security smoking a marihuana in his cabin. He was held and the police called. When Barbados police entered his cabin they found 14 grams of marihuana 

Christopher James Sarette, 31, was fined $750 for possession of marijuana and $1,000 for importing it and will spend one month in jail. 

Police report says that the young man bought the marihuana in St Lucia on September 30, before the ship set sail to Bridgetown. Some of the pot he smoked in St Lucia and some while the ship was docked in Barbados. His defense was that he didn’t know smoking marijuana was illegal in Barbados because no one had told him.