Security Exercise: Norwegian Jewel Blocked by Protesters in Acapulco

Mar 03, 2017

Acapulco port authorities and Mexican Navy conducted security exercise simulating a protest in which boats have blocked the cruise ship Norwegian Jewel while the vessel was anchored on March 1.

The drill began at 11:00 am when the port pilot reported the protest of about 30 vessels which were placed strategically to prevent the departure of the cruise ship since they were blocking all access to the Maritime Terminal. The reason for the protest was the price increase of gasoline and the deportation of Mexicans from the United States.

After the notification, Navy raised the port security to level 3, which is the highest level of security that is applied before a protest of this magnitude. Immediately personnel of the Unified Center for Maritime and Port Protection was activated and intersected the boats in order to withdraw and free the ship.

In the simulacrum, the Eighth Naval Region participated in coordination with the Port Captaincy, Customs, the National Institute of Migration, the Integral Port Administration that integrate the Unified Center for Maritime and Port Protection.