Ship Life

How to achieve consistency when working under continuous extreme stress on a ship?

Jun 02, 2023

Working on a cruise ship is known to be one of the most stressful jobs. It involves long work hours, frequent changes in team members, and high standards of quality. Additionally, crew members have personal responsibilities such as paying off loans, supporting their families back home, and managing everyday tasks like laundry and studying.

Carnival Horizon Crew Joins Labour Day Volunteer Project, Revamping Pediatric Ward Learning Centre in St. Ann's Bay Hospital in Jamaica

May 25, 2023

In a heartwarming gesture, Carnival Cruise Line has played a pivotal role in renovating a learning center at St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital in Jamaica. As part of their Labor Day Volunteer Project, approximately 20 Carnival Horizon crew members dedicated their time to cleaning up, painting, and repairing the Learning Centre. Additionally, Carnival Cruise Line generously donated essential items to enhance the facility.

Drink packages on cruise ship; is it worth it?

May 22, 2023

While working on a cruise ship as a bartender, I often asked myself, "Is there a real value in buying the drink package for the ship passengers? 

Is food on cruise ships available around the clock?

May 19, 2023

If you're new to cruising, you're likely brimming with questions about the ship's food service. Don't worry; we've got you covered with some essential information to enhance your onboard dining experience. 

Different Jobs on a Cruise Ship – Get Paid to Travel Part 1

May 16, 2023

In the next few days, we will try to present some specific jobs on the cruise ships closely; if you decide to start your cruise ship career, this might help you choose the most appropriate job for you.

Want to become a cruise ship captain? Here is some information about this extremely responsible but rewarding role

May 16, 2023

It always looks greener on the other side. That is just the way we see our life. If you have ever worked on a cruise ship, you probably were amazed by the captain's highly sophisticated importance and reputation on the cruise ship. The truth is that the captain position comes together with a lot of perks and benefits, but the road to "glory" was everything but not easy...

Crew Story: How does it feel to be late on your sign-on day?

May 12, 2023

Embarking on a lengthy international flight, we experience a mix of emotions as we are about to join the ship. There's a sense of exhilaration fueled by the prospect of new adventures and countless opportunities. However, amidst this excitement, a tinge of sadness may arise, knowing that we'll be separated from our loved ones, our family and friends. Yet, regardless of our internal struggles, we are resolute in our commitment to fulfill our duties onboard.

How to Measure Employee Engagement?

May 11, 2023

In the cruise industry, we must always track employee satisfaction levels. The most efficient way is to conduct a timely survey and analyze the results. The initial analysis will likely yield minimal results if the company has not worked on employee engagement. Engagement is not the constant value – after a vacation or a teambuilding event, people are normally full of enthusiasm and desire to work.

The importance of the external and internal crew members' engagement levels on cruise ship

May 10, 2023

Management on the cruise ship plays a vital role in the industry. The crew members' turnover rate can drastically change depending on your management style and leadership skills. If you are a cruise ship manager, you must maintain your relationships with your employees. If you do not do this, your best employees will look for a way to change the company because of inefficient engagement levels. And that is only your responsibility as a manager.

Different ways your work relationships will change when you get promoted on the cruise ship

May 08, 2023

Transitioning into a leadership role within the cruise industry can be an exhilarating step forward. This move will likely bring a fresh job title and an increase in compensation. Your responsibilities will shift from day-to-day "grunt work" to being a part of the cruise ship's larger strategic vision, bringing you closer to your ultimate career goals.