Silversea launches fund to support conservation efforts of the Galapagos Islands

Nov 08, 2019

The luxury cruise line Silversea Cruises has launched a dedicated fund to preserve and safeguard the natural wonders of the Galapagos archipelago. Silversea in partnership with Galapagos Conservancy will focus exclusively on protecting the unique ecosystems and biological integrity of Galapagos, the Silversea Fund for Galapagos will educate and support local communities in the archipelago by financing projects related to the empowerment of young people; education and training; and science, technology and conservation.

 The Silversea Fund will be based on the company's existing efforts to have a positive impact on the natural and economic environment of the Galapagos Islands, including its contribution to the Floreana Island Ecological Restoration Project. Guests traveling aboard the Silver Galapagos (and those traveling aboard the Silver Origin since July 2020) can make donations to the Silversea Fund for Galapagos during their trip. For donations between $ 500 and $ 1,000 per suite, donors will receive a Credit for a Future Cruise for the equivalent amount, which can be applied to any future trip aboard any ship in the Silversea fleet.

“The Silversea Fund for Galapagos is a natural extension of our belief that sustainable tourism can open our eyes and foster respect for our planet, particularly in destinations as unique and diverse as Galapagos,” says Fernando Delgado, Vice President and Manager of Silversea in Ecuador. “We will use education as the means to maintain long-term environmental conservation, taking advantage of our strong relationships with the local population of the region. We are honored to have Galapagos Conservancy as our partner for this initiative. ”

“We are dedicated to the long-term protection of the Galapagos Islands, a common objective that we share with Silversea Cruises,” says Johannah Barry, founder and president of Galapagos Conservancy. “We are delighted to support the Silversea Fund for Galapagos and our association will have a significant impact on conservation efforts throughout the region, from the ground up. The Silversea Fund will help protect the natural environment, as well as the fauna that inhabits the archipelago, for generations to come. ”

Replacing the Silver Galapagos, which currently receives guests exclusively in the Galapagos Islands, the new Silver Origin  will be the most elegant ship that has ever sailed in the region when it is launched in July 2020. The Silver Origin with capacity of 100 guests will be the first ship in the Silversea fleet designed specifically for Galapagos. Built with the environment in mind, the Silver Originit will have a dynamic positioning system, which will be used when the ship is placed on delicate seabed ecosystems to prevent the anchor from causing damage; it will incorporate freshwater purification systems in the suite that convert seawater into drinking water, drastically reducing the use of plastic on board; and will meet the highest standards of energy efficiency in the segment.

Photo Credit: Galapagos Conservancy