In struggling times a promotion splash!

Apr 19, 2022

Russia's aggression against Ukraine has been going on for 55 days, sad and difficult situations has hit the country, and imagine how it is for the Ukrainian crew members who are on cruise ships and cannot fly home.

Due to this unimaginable situation, many crew had to extend their contracts. The cruise lines made a great thing by allowing them to choose another destination, a country to rest and fly to at the end of their contract.

Also, the Cruise lines face challenges with the number of workers on the ships, as well as the maintenance of general health on the cruisers, which puts them in a state of shortage of workers. So, the situation has simply been set up for some who extend contracts to get the opportunity for promotion.

Personally, I believe that many workers could have achieved the possibility of progress before all of these bad moments in the world, but the universe wishes to change it. 

With great pleasure, I am sharing this story, of a young Ukrainian crew member because I personally know this person for 8 years she is on the verge of getting a promotion to a Bartender on a luxury cruise ship.

I wish it was much earlier because she is an amazing flair bartender in Ukraine. She took second place at a world competition in 2012, she worked as a bartender for 3 years before leaving to work on an ocean cruise in 2013. Very young, but again very talented, she managed to get only the position of bar waitress for her first contract.

Today, after changing two Cruise lines, she finally got a well-deserved chance to be promoted to bartender. My absolute delight because I watched her flair competitions and performances on ocean cruises.

The person herself is very shy and unobtrusive, she did her job as a bar waiter and flair bartender, but the promotion came only now when she extended her contract due to the situation in Ukraine and the lack of crew.

This way I wish to congratulate to her for keeping a good spirit and for not giving up her dream, Ana darling well done!

Also, the wonderful news from all Cruise lines is that the workers have the opportunity to get off the ship more often, which they have not been able to do for the last two years. 

There is possibility that cruise lines will change some views about the crewmembers and maybe all of these struggles will pay off for most of them.