Thousands evacuated from Carnival Horizon after bomb scare

May 29, 2017

The Italian shipyard Fincantieri in Marghera was evacuated on Friday, May 26, due to a bomb scare on the latest Carnival cruise ship, Carnival Horizon. Device detected onboard wrapped in red tape with twisted wires connected to the red LED light, has triggered the alarm. The vessel which is under construction was evacuated at 3:30 p.m. after one worker noticed suspicious device leaning against a ladder on deck 4. This suspicious device was looking like a bomb toy, however, there is always danger that it is a real explosive device. For this reason, the shipyard security protocols were activated, and police with bomb squad attended the scene.

Shortly after the evacuation of 1900 construction workers, the area was secured by the police. There was no panic and no confusion on the quay where the workers were waiting for the intervention of the bomb squad. After receiving the exact location, police send bomb crawler robot to inspect the suspicious device.  The bomb robot was equipped with an electronic device that has a microchip with chemical sensors capable of detecting explosive particles. Luckily the device didn’t contain explosives, only wires. After receiving a green light from the police. the bomb alert was canceled shortly before 5 p.m.

An official investigation was launched by the Italian Police who is searching for the person who planted the suspicious device and the motives.  At this time investigators believe that this was done by someone who wanted to attract attention or send a message. But only after all evidence will be gathered investigators will have a clear picture. The investigators also interrogated those who had access to the area.

This is photo from the suspicious device found on Carnival Horizon

carnival-horizon bomb scare

This is second bomb scare in two months at the construction sites on cruise ships. In March, the construction workers and crew were evacuated from Caribbean Princess at the dry-dock in Grand Bahama Shipyard due to bomb scare.