Two Female Cruise Ship Passengers Attacked In Castries

Jan 20, 2019

Two German female tourists, a mother and her daughter, were attacked by bandits in Castries, St Lucia on Saturday. The attack happened in the morning hours between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. in Sans Souci, shortly after they disembarked from the German cruise ship AidaPerla.

After leaving Serenity Park, the women were attacked by two criminals who attempted to steal a pouch from the lady, but they put up a struggle, reports St Lucia Times. According to the newspaper, the eyewitness heard someone screaming and upon investigating, they saw two young men attempting to snatch a small bag from the woman.

The screams attracted the attention of other visitors in the area and the thefts fled empty handed. The case was reported to the Police and the two females later returned to their cruise ship. Clearly shaken from the incident the mother and daughter also sustained multiple minor injuries from the attack.

This is second reported attack in Castries Serenity Park this week after a local couple was robbed at gunpoint.

Unfortunately, when it comes to incidents involving cruise ship visitors this is not the first time St Lucia has made it to the news. An incident off mass robbery was reported in 2013 when 55 passengers and 2 crew members from the cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse were robbed at gunpoint at one of the island's top tourist attractions, the Botanical Gardens in Soufriere.