Two Royal Caribbean Crew Members Arrested in Buenos Aires for Smuggling 15.3 Kilos Cocaine

Argentinean Police found 15.3 kilos of cocaine that two RCCL crew members sailing on Splendour of the Seas Cruise tried to smuggle and sell in Europe. The ship was anchored in the port of Buenos Aires.

According to a statement from the agency, the discovery was made in two parts. In the first instance, two young men from the ship carrying tape attached to their bodies with  four packages was discovered. Then, with the involvement of 10 other narcotics dogs bricks hidden in a backpack and the rest on the ship were discovered.

The 14 bricks were subjected to controled narcotest, who confirmed that it was cocaine of high purity and intervention gave the Criminal Court Economic No.1, by Ezequiel Beron de Astrada, who ordered the seizure of drugs and detention of the crew.

Splendour Of The Seas arrived in Buenos Aires on Monday from Punta del Este, was scheduled to leave for Brazil and then sail to Europe. After the arrest of the two crew members, searching their cabin and seizing drugs that tried smuggle to the cruise ship, Customs staff conducted an exhaustive search (mooring) with 8 narcotics dogs and 20 inspectors in different parts of the ship.

This funding was positive when at a dead end a backpack inside had another 10 bricks of cocaine with different types of wrappers, some with the same pattern as those found previously attached to the bodies of the detained crew was found.

Preliminary investigation was conducted and all packages of cocaine showed a total weight of 15.3 kilograms weighed. Meanwhile, Chilean waiters birth -one with Australian passport and one Croatian were detained. In Europe, the drug is worth a million, approximately euros.