Viking Ocean Crew To Receive $250 Holiday Payment

Dec 18, 2020

Once again Viking Cruises, one of the world’s fastest-growing luxury cruise lines, has shown genuine care for its shipboard employees back home during the Christmas holidays. During these difficult times for the crew and for the cruise line, Viking has made a powerful impact showing the company’s true organizational culture since the start of the pandemic. As a sign of gratitude for their hard work and dedication Viking team members will receive a gift of $250, the company announced in a letter sent to eligible ocean crew members.

“As 2020 is drawing to a close, we can agree that this year has been unlike any other. Even the weeks ahead will be unusual in many ways. What remains the same is the gratitude we feel for your continued commitment and support for Viking.

Our best efforts at distributing the available work equitably notwithstanding, we know that the past months since the start of July have been difficult ones for you. Being mindful of the season, during which many of you will exchange gifts, spend time with loved ones, and look ahead to the New Year, we wanted to give you a token of our appreciation with a gift of $250. Transfers will be made in the next days." reads the letter sent to the crew.

"We think about our Viking family in these weeks, and we wish you the very best for the holidays. We are looking forward to 2021 with confidence and optimism in the knowledge that we will be able to count on you when our ships sail the seven seas again."

The news about the holiday payment was greeted with cheers and positive comments from the crew “The company as a whole is a great example of Taking care of each other just like a real Family especially in time like this. Only a few companies are looking after their crew like Viking does. 250$ can do things to support food supplies and some bills back home so I know that crew are happy and proud of what the management did” said Routh Gar Flogio.

Eligible Viking ocean crew will receive the payment on their ShipMoney account card. This holiday bonus does not apply to the river ships crew as they had received furlough payments which were not available to the ocean crew.

These criteria were decided upon to help ensure Viking could help the largest number of the current Viking family as possible.

Indeed Viking is trying to help as many crew as possible in these difficult times, and the company has proven they are the key part of the organization's success. But this is not the first time Viking has displayed genuine care for employees and strengthening their overall culture when was much needed. 

In April 2020, Viking announced generous financial compensation for its crew amid the global coronavirus crisis. In order to ensure the Viking employees continue to receive salary for the following months, the company has presented a financial support plan for the crew working on the ocean cruise ships. Viking informed its ocean crew members that the company will start to reduce staff to minimum operational levels. Many team members were sent home and they continued to receive a 50% monthly salary.