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Why It's So Risky Docking a Cruise Ship in Port?

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Smithsonian Chanel released an interesting video showing how risky is to do a docking maneuver at the port of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. In the video captain of the cruise ship MSC Divina Pier Paolo Scala, explains what the challenges are during the docking of a large vessel. “It is very, very quick maneuver there, and we need to watch for the stern when we turn, that we are completely clear as we enter the starboard side.” Says Captain Scala.

Once the local pilot is onboard captain transfers ships control away from the center's console and the pilot starts the docking maneuver. In order to dock at the Ocho Rios cruise pier, the cruise ship needs to make quick port side turn. But there is a strong wind that can push the ship towards the cargo dock. That’s where the experience and knowledge of the local harbor pilot are needed in order to dock a cruise ship safely.


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