3 Types Of Luggage Every Cruise Crew Needs On Board

Dec 16, 2019

As the cruise industry continues to grow, almost 225,000 crew members are currently working in liners every day. After all, this workforce is needed to provide services to the increasing numbers of passengers all over the world. According to an industry expert, both baby boomers and millennials are willing to spend their money on a cruise rather than booking other methods of travel. So, whether you’re a new member or a veteran looking to upgrade your packing skills, packing the right essentials can make or break your entire voyage on board. 

Here are some tips on how to pick the right luggage for your first cruise assignment. 

Durable Roller Suitcase

You need to use a piece of large luggage to fit all the clothes that you need for the entire duration of your contract. It must be big enough to contain all the essential items to bring on board. But since the crew’s cabin has limited space, you would not want it to be too cramped with all your bags. Save space by using a large suitcase with rollers, such as the Qantas luggage set. This will allow you to move it around your cabin every time you would need extra space. 

Foldable Garment Bag

Crew members know the importance of keeping clean, well-pressed uniforms to look their best in front of passengers. Therefore, you must include a garment bag that you can hang and fold in your packing list. It will allow you to pack your uniforms and formal dresses or suits without the risk of creasing. You may also hang the entire bag in your closet to save more space in your cramped cabin. Look for a garment bag with a sturdy hook and a set of hangers to maximize your storage solutions. 

Backpacks And Sling Bags

Aside from your large suitcase, bring smaller options like sling bags or backpacks. You can use this every time you disembark to tour the vicinity of the dock. Choose a lightweight bag that you can carry all day during your excursion and days off board. It should also be spacious enough to accommodate more items if needed. The small bag must also have compartments that can contain all your important items like travel documents, wallet, medicines, and extra cash.  

These are just some of the suggested luggage that all crew members should consider when packing for their next excursion. These will all come in handy, especially if you need to bring many items on board.