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Costa Mediterranea Set Sail Today To Repatriate Filipino and Indonesian Crew

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The cruise ship Costa Mediterranea has set sail today from the port of Brindisi, Italy on a long journey to Asia to repatriate Indonesian and Filipino crew members home. The voyage will take the crew through the Suez Canal and make an anchorage to do bunkering operation. Costa Mediterranea will arrive in Muscat on May 27, for loading of goods, and the same day the ship will set sail to Singapore. 

38 Costa Crew Members Contract COVID-19 During Their Stay In A Hotel In Italy

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Costa Luminosa crew member has sent us a message saying that 38 Indian crew members contracted Coronavirus during their stay in a hotel in Italy. About 120 Indian crew members disembarked Costa Luminosa on March 24, when they all tested negative before leaving the ship. All 120 Indian crewmembers were transferred to the Hotel B&B Plaza in Pisa, before their final repatriated back to India.

Costa Cruises Plan To Repatriate Filipino and Indonesian crew on Mediterranea Delayed for 1 Month

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Costa Cruises plan to repatriate Filipino and Indonesian crew back home using the cruise ship Costa Mediterranea was delayed for one month. According to a crew member wishing to remain anonymous one of the reasons for this delay is because new captain boarded the ships and needs to undergo 14 days quarantine.

Costa Fascinosa Crew Member Dies in a Hospital in Brazil

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Dear friends and colleagues, we lost another fellow crew member. It’s a sad day for all of us when we heard the news about the death of Bendie Antonio, a Filipino crew member of Costa Cruises. Bendie was taken off the cruise ship Costa Fascinosa and transferred to a hospital in Santos, Brazil, together with nine of his fellow crew members who tested positive for the virus.

Crew Stories: Proud to be Part of Costa Smeralda Opening Team

I was still at Costa Fortuna when I’ve heard that Costa Smeralda will be the next ship I'm going to conquer.  It's not easy for me to decide whether to go for it and worst comes worst or to turned down the offer. While enjoying the vacay and having hard times in deciding whether Costa Smeralda is for me or not. It was indeed a great challenge to face this mysterious Costa Smeralda. Nevertheless, I made the right decision then.

19 Filipino Crew Members Test Positive for COVID-19 on Costa Fascinosa

On Saturday, April 11, the Brazil National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) proceeded with the disembarkation of the Costa Facisinosa crew in the port of Santos. 246 Filipino crew members were scheduled to disembark the cruise ship, however, only 227 were allowed to leave after 19 crew members tested positive for COVID-19.