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MSC Cruises is bringing back the gala nights

Jun 27, 2022

Shortly after the entire MSC Cruises fleet celebrated its return to the sea, the reintroduction of the popular gala night was announced today. From special dining experiences and special shows to photo shoots and parties, guests of all ages can look forward to the return of the most extravagant night of the cruise.

MSC Cruises Celebrates World Europa sea trials and Euribia float out

Jun 21, 2022

MSC Cruises and the French shipyard Chantiers de l’Atlanticue celebrated two milestones over the weekend for the first two MSC liquefied natural gas vessels. MSC World Europe has completed its first set of tests at sea, which included testing engine performance, as well as assessing maneuverability, fuel consumption, safety systems, speed and stopping distance.

MSC Sinfonia crew members face additional restrictions after 4% of the crew test positive for Covid

Jun 20, 2022

MSC Sinfonia crew members are facing restrictions after the number of positive Covid-19 cases among the ship’s employees has increased. The ship has implemented additional health and safety protocols on board in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus after last week's swab results overreached 4% of the crew members that tested positive for Covid. Some privileges have been immediately revoked till the number of positive csses will be reduced.

Report from MSC Meraviglia crew member: Positive crew are transferred to Covid hotel in Italy

Jun 15, 2022

A crew member, together with about 40 shipboard employees who tested positive aboard MSC Meraviglia, reports that they have been transferred to a Covid hotel in Genoa, Italy. The crew member said that MSC Cruises has restored the policy to disembark crew towards land facilities in order to contain the number of positive cases on board within limits that can be acceptable by different port health authorities.

“Stop Cruises” activists block Marseille port entrance, Wonder of the Seas and MSC Orchestra arrival delayed 2 hours

Jun 14, 2022

This morning about 20 activists from the “Stop Cruises” movement attempted to block the entrance of the Wonder of the Seas and MSC Orchestra at the port of Marseille in France. The activists on inflatable canoes blocked the cruise ships from entering the port for two hours.

MSC Cruises Suspends Shore Leave For MSC Seaside Crew

Jun 13, 2022

Just days after MSC Cruises announced revoking of some of the crew privileges onboard the MSC Seaside, because of the rise of Covid cases, the crew are now facing additional restrictions. Yesterday they received the news that the company is restricting shore leave in all ports the ship is visiting. 

COVID Cases Rise on MSC Seaside - Crew Members Face Restrictions

Jun 11, 2022

Due to the increase of Covid cases aboard the cruise ship MSC Seaside, MSC Cruises is revoking some of the crew privileges and access to public areas. Moreover, the company is restoring the possibility to disembark crew towards ashore facilities in order to contain the number of positive cases on board within limits that can be acceptable by different port health authorities.

MSC Cruises Redeploys MSC Bellisima to the Med

Jun 11, 2022

MSC Cruises is adding another vessel to the Mediterranean to meet the growing demand in the region. MSC Bellissima, currently based in the Middle East, will return to Europe and begin summer voyages this July. MSC Bellissima will no longer be located in Doha, Qatar and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates as it will start sailing the Mediterranean from July 9, 2022.

MSC Cruises Full Fleet Back To Operation

Jun 06, 2022

MSC Cruises reached a major milestone in its resumption of cruising after more than two years, with all 19 MSC cruise ships have now returned to service. The cruise line is back in full operation as MSC Musica becomes the last MSC cruise ship to return to passenger operations.

Crew Activities Aboard MSC Musica Ahead Of The Restart

Jun 02, 2022

The crew aboard MSC Musica is setting up the final touches ahead of the ship’s restart on June 5. MSC Musica will sail 7-day Eastern Mediterannean itineraries to the Greek islands till December when the vessel will reposition to South America.