Ship Life

Why the cruise industry is facing crew shortage?

Apr 26, 2022

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic when cruise companies were sending the crew members back to their homelands as the industry was slowly shutting down with time related uncertainty of when it will be able to re-start its voyages, many crew members addressed the concern related to companies sending them home without compensation.

Crew Pages – a revolutionizing, all-maritime platform

Apr 14, 2022

Crew Pages is a maritime professional network built with one mission - to create equal employment opportunities. This unique platform is designed to bring together all recruiters and crew at one place, making every CV seen. 

Crew Story: A different perspective on quarantine and the positive side of potential changes

Apr 07, 2022

Nowadays, working on a cruise ship next to a COVID-19 situation is not easy. Various measures have been introduced and again there is the fear of what happens if you get COVID-19 on a cruise ship.

Health and Safety Measures 

Letter from NCL crew member: What sense does it make to deny shore leave to a crew member who is fully vaccinated, boosted, and recently had Covid?

Feb 03, 2022

“Take your food, consume it, and leave.”

Azamara Opens First Crew Shop Onboard Azamara Pursuit

Dec 13, 2021

The first Azamara crew shop was officially open aboard the cruise ship Azamara Pursuit. The onboard management together with Captain Antonio Francisco Toledo and Hotel Director Heike Berdos welcomed crew members to the new and well stocked corner which is very important especially during these times when they have limited access in ports.

Carnival will allow all fully vaccinated crew independent shore leave in ports

Oct 01, 2021

Finally, the news we have all been waiting for since the resumption of cruising. It’s official, Carnival Cruise Line will allow all of its crew members who are fully vaccinated to go outside in any ports, at any time, for independent shore leave. This is such a great news for thousands of crew members currently onboard Carnival Cruise Line ships, who can finally step foot on land and enjoy the beautiful ports in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Bahamas, as well as the US home ports.

Adventures in Quarantine

Sep 27, 2021

by Nancy Soulé

I’ve endured this adventure three times so far. It seems to be the norm as the new starting point for any contract, so better get used to it for a while. My first experience was on one of the first ships out in November of 2020, and that one was especially spooky. It was sailing out of Singapore and the precautions were extensive. 

LET OUT, BUT LOCKED IN: A Survival Guide to Cruise Ship Quarantine

Sep 27, 2021

by Nancy Soulé

ITF Releases “ShipBeSure” New Web Tool Helping Seafarers Avoid Scams and Fake Jobs

Aug 03, 2021

Every day seafarers seeking jobs online fall victim to fraudulent emails, texts and ads from scammers pretending to be legitimate manning agencies. This trend has increased during the pandemic when thousands of seafarers were left without jobs. 

Former Crew Members Start A Crew Support And Wellness Foundation

Jul 25, 2021

Last year while many people were experiencing their own repercussions of a worldwide pandemic, Krista Thomas and Thais Marques de Souza were focused on an issue that the cruise industry was facing. Crew were stranded at sea as the world shut down its borders and although they were mainly safe onboard, their mental health became a key focus for the social media advocates. Today, Thomas and Marques de Souza are the founders of the not-for-profit organization, Sea Me Crew Wellness Foundation.