Suez Canal cruise ships schedule 2021

Cruise calendar 2021 provides the opportunity to search sailings of cruise ships passing thru the Suez Canal. The timetable displays dates and times of cruise ships transiting is based on the major cruise lines itineraries. All cruise ships are linked to their complete current itinerary. In order to view the next docking port just click on the specific vessel.

Important notice: Following the current developments with the COVID-19 pandemic, this cruise port schedule is subject to change as the situation evolves. For most up to date arrivals, please check with the local port authorities or cruise operators.

Date Cruise Ship Cruise Line Arrive-Depart
24-Mar-2021 Oceania Sirena Oceania Cruises 00:00-00:00
27-Mar-2021 MSC Opera MSC Cruises 00:00-23:59
28-Mar-2021 MSC Opera MSC Cruises 00:00-23:59
28-Mar-2021 Mein Schiff 6 TUI Cruises 04:00-17:00
8-Apr-2021 Silver Spirit Silversea Cruises 04:00-18:30
14-Apr-2021 Seabourn Ovation Seabourn Cruises 06:00-06:00
19-Apr-2021 AIDAprima AIDA Cruises 22:50-23:59
20-Apr-2021 AIDAprima AIDA Cruises 00:00-16:00
21-Apr-2021 MSC Fantasia MSC Cruises 18:00-23:59
22-Apr-2021 MSC Fantasia MSC Cruises 00:00-18:00
25-Apr-2021 ms Europa Hapag-Lloyd 00:00-00:00
27-Apr-2021 MSC Magnifica MSC Cruises 17:00-23:59
28-Apr-2021 MSC Magnifica MSC Cruises 00:00-17:00
5-May-2021 Silver Whisper Silversea Cruises 04:00-18:30
7-May-2021 Crystal Serenity Crystal Cruises 01:00-18:00
9-May-2021 MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises 17:00-23:59
10-May-2021 MSC Orchestra MSC Cruises 00:00-16:00
20-May-2021 Mein Schiff 5 TUI Cruises 04:00-17:00
24-May-2021 Seabourn Encore Seabourn Cruises 06:00-06:00
18-Jun-2021 Oceania Nautica Oceania Cruises 00:00-00:00
23-Jun-2021 Pacific Princess Princess Cruises 17:00-17:00
11-Oct-2021 AIDAcara AIDA Cruises 22:50-23:59
11-Oct-2021 Seven Seas Voyager Regent Seven Seas 00:00-00:00
12-Oct-2021 AIDAcara AIDA Cruises 00:00-15:00
13-Oct-2021 Mein Schiff 6 TUI Cruises 03:30-17:00
14-Oct-2021 Crystal Symphony Crystal Cruises 01:00-18:00
19-Oct-2021 AIDAbella AIDA Cruises 22:50-23:59
20-Oct-2021 AIDAbella AIDA Cruises 00:00-15:00
24-Oct-2021 Queen Elizabeth Cunard Line 05:00-15:00
28-Oct-2021 Seabourn Ovation Seabourn Cruises 00:00-00:00
28-Oct-2021 ms Zaandam Holland America Line 00:00-00:00
1-Nov-2021 MSC Opera MSC Cruises 19:00-15:00
2-Nov-2021 MSC Opera MSC Cruises 19:00-15:00
4-Nov-2021 Azamara Journey Azamara 23:00-23:59
5-Nov-2021 Azamara Journey Azamara 00:00-15:00
6-Nov-2021 Silver Moon Silversea Cruises 04:00-17:00
8-Nov-2021 Seabourn Encore Seabourn Cruises 00:00-00:00
10-Nov-2021 AIDAblu AIDA Cruises 22:50-23:59
11-Nov-2021 AIDAblu AIDA Cruises 00:00-16:00
11-Nov-2021 Mein Schiff 5 TUI Cruises 03:30-17:00
14-Nov-2021 AIDAcosma AIDA Cruises 22:50-23:59
14-Nov-2021 Marella Discovery 2 Marella Cruises 00:00-00:00
14-Nov-2021 MSC Virtuosa MSC Cruises 19:00-23:59
15-Nov-2021 AIDAcosma AIDA Cruises 00:00-15:00
15-Nov-2021 Marella Discovery 2 Marella Cruises 00:00-00:00
15-Nov-2021 MSC Virtuosa MSC Cruises 00:00-17:30
20-Nov-2021 Oceania Nautica Oceania Cruises 00:00-00:00
30-Nov-2021 Silver Shadow Silversea Cruises 03:30-17:30
18-Dec-2021 Amadea Phoenix Reisen 00:00-00:00



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