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Universal Petite Pageant 2016 on Carnival Paradise

Jul 19, 2016

The cruise ship Carnival Paradise is host of the international competition for Universal Petite Pageant 2016. This unique beauty pageant organized by Hazely Corp set sail from Tampa on July 18, 2016, to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. Designated for ladies 5’6 feet (167.5cm) or less, the main focus of this pageant is to appreciate the beauty of petite women by offering opportunities and special acknowledgment.

Donald Trump Victory Cruise on Carnival Victory

Jun 30, 2016

On January 6, 2017 the Coalition for Donald Trump Victory Cruise is scheduled to set sail from Miami to the Bahamas on the cruise ship Carnival Victory. The organizer of this event is Robert Jeter, an oil rig worker from Alaska, who volunteers as executive director of the Coalition for Trump. The Trump Victory Cruise is only $300 per person for a three-day trip to the Bahamas and fully refundable if Donald Trump loses, said Mr. Jeter when he started this initiative back in June. Robert Jeter was pretty sure Trump will win, and he was right.

Medical Emergency: Carnival Liberty Returns to Galveston

Jun 14, 2016

Carnival Liberty returned to its homeport Galveston, Texas just hours after the cruise ship departed on Monday. The medical emergency alarm was sounded for a three-year-old girl who slipped through the stairs rail and fell two decks. The incident happened on deck 14 when the family was posing for a pictures by the rail when their toddler fell two decks bellow. The girl was quickly transferred to the ship medical center for assessment, and due to seriousness of the injury the decision was made by the ships doctor for emergency treatment on land.

Carnival’s Senior Cruise Director: We need to look closely at removing crew gratuities

May 15, 2016

I was at the Guest services Desk last night talking to a guest about Florence and overheard two guests removing their gratuities. I heard the GSA ask them both why and the answer “ personal reasons” baffled me. After they left I spoke with the guest services associate and took their cabin number and made a few calls.

The Love Hate Relationship of Working On Cruise Ships

Apr 05, 2016

Article By Sean Sassoon