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Latest news related to accidents onboard the cruise ships and articles submitted by crew members. Find out insight stories from the other side of the cruise ships told by the crew.

Ferry Explosion Injures 25 Passengers In Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Feb 22, 2018

An explosion on a ferry in Playa del Carmen, Mexico left 25 passengers injured, one of them in critical condition. The incident occurred while people were about to disembark at the dock in Playa del Carmen Maritime Terminal. Suddenly loud explosion ripped off the ship, sending a fireball to the sky and debris on each side of the boat docked, with people nearby. According to reports, passengers ran screaming from the boat after the blast at 1 pm local time.

Ferry collides with Viking Cruise Ship in the Port of Barcelona

Jan 12, 2018

Today, January 12, at the Port of Barcelona there has been a slight collision between the GNV Fantastic ferry and the cruise ship Viking Star operated by Viking Ocean Cruises. The collision between the two vessels happened at around 2 pm local time at the Terminal B, when GNV Fantastic ferry experienced engine problems during the undocking maneuver from the terminal.

P&O Arcadia lifeboat falls into the sea with five crew inside

Jan 06, 2018

Five P&O Arcadia crew members were injured yesterday when a lifeboat fell into the sea. The cruise ship was docked at Ponta Delgada, Azores when a terrible accident occurred during a routine lifeboat drill. All five injured crew members were inside the lifeboat. One crew member with broken ribs was taken to local hospital for further treatment. He was then returned to ship. The other four crew members were lightly injured with cuts and bruises and been treated onboard.

Federal report blames ship’s navigators for Celebrity Infinity crash in Ketchikan

Dec 18, 2017

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has released the findings of last year’s crash of the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity with Berth 3 in Ketchkan, Alaska.

Injured Officer Medevacked from Sapphire Princess

Dec 13, 2017

Sapphire Princess officer was airlifted off the cruise ship in the early morning hours today after suffering serious head injury. The Master of Sapphire Princess Paolo Ravera made an announcement on the PA system that there has been an officer that is in serious medical condition and needs medical evacuation.

Former Staff Captain Dies in Boat Accident

Oct 20, 2017

In a tragic accident in Porto Nogaro, Italy, Walter Bonazzа, age 55, lost his life. The former Staff Captain of Costa Cruises and Silversea has died in a boat accident on October 18, 2017. Walter Bonazzа left the cruise line to be close to his family and started a new job near home, as a vessel pilot in the port of Monfalcone.

Disney cruise ship hits pier at the port of Nassau

Oct 01, 2017

 The cruise ship Disney Dream suffered hull damage during a docking maneuver in the port of Nassau, Bahamas. The crash left a large dent on the back of the ship. Luckily there are no reports of injured passengers or crew during the accident. Disney Dream managed to dock at the pier and after inspection, the authorities concluded that the ship is seaworthy. Initial reports say that some repairs were made in Nassau and everything seems to be running as normal.

Medical Emergency on Serenade of the Seas

Sep 07, 2017

Medical Emergency was executed yesterday onboard Serenade of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship made an unscheduled stop in St John's, Newfoundland after a man needed urgent medical attention. 

Burst pipe floods several cabins on the Cruise Ship Sun Princess

Sep 06, 2017

A burst water pipe on the cruise ship Sun Princess has forced some guests out of their staterooms. The flooding happened on deck 11 as the ship was ready to set from Brisbane on a 4-Nights Australia Getaway Voyage. The water poured down from the ceiling in the corridor which caused flooding of approximately 10 cabins. A passenger onboard reported to 4BC radio that in a few minutes her cabin was under at least two inches of water.

Whale Found Dead on Princess Cruise Ship Bow in Alaska

Aug 11, 2017

Princess Cruises vessel sailing through Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage hit a whale that was lodged on the bow. The dead whale was removed after the cruise ship docked in Ketchikan on Wednesday morning, and towed to a nearby beach for Necropsy.