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cruise accidents

Disney cruise ship hits pier at the port of Nassau

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 The cruise ship Disney Dream suffered hull damage during a docking maneuver in the port of Nassau, Bahamas. The crash left a large dent on the back of the ship. Luckily there are no reports of injured passengers or crew during the accident. Disney Dream managed to dock at the pier and after inspection, the authorities concluded that the ship is seaworthy. Initial reports say that some repairs were made in Nassau and everything seems to be running as normal.

Burst pipe floods several cabins on the Cruise Ship Sun Princess

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A burst water pipe on the cruise ship Sun Princess has forced some guests out of their staterooms. The flooding happened on deck 11 as the ship was ready to set from Brisbane on a 4-Nights Australia Getaway Voyage. The water poured down from the ceiling in the corridor which caused flooding of approximately 10 cabins. A passenger onboard reported to 4BC radio that in a few minutes her cabin was under at least two inches of water.

Injured crew member on board Star Flyer

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A 47-year-old crewman of the cruise ship Star Flyer was injured in the head, while the vessel was at sea in the area of Kavala Bay, Greece. The injured crew member was transferred to the port of Kavala with lifeboat where an Ambulance transferred the patient to the General Hospital for monitoring and preventive examinations. We wish him a speedy recovery.

MSC Cruise Ship Hits Pier in Civitavecchia

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Due to strong winds at the port of Civitavecchia today, MSC Magnifica hit the pier minutes after the cruise ship departed with new passengers. The collision was caused by rapid change of the wind speed – from 9 to 40 knots in less than a minute, pushing the 293-meter long vessel to the pier which sustained some damage to the portside. Watertight doors were closed, at the time of the accident and passengers were called to their muster stations as a precaution measure.

Ammonia leak stops cruise passengers boarding on Seabourn Encore

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The passengers boarding was interrupted on the cruise ship Seabourn Encore in Picton, New Zealand after a strange gas smell was noticed by the Port Marlborough authorities.  At the quayside of Port Marlborough, staff at the refrigeration plant had detected an ammonia leak by one of the refrigeration units. The terminal was then closed for about an hour, as well as Seabourn Encore, which was in the immediate vicinity.