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Articles and experiences shared by crew members working on cruise ship. Find out more about ship life at sea together with tips and advices for first time crew members and cruise oldtimers.

20 Things You Don't Know About Royal Princess

Apr 07, 2016

When Royal Princess debuts in June, the ship will attract attention for its many striking features, including a soaring atrium and the dramatic over-the-water SeaWalk. But what may escape immediate notice are the myriad of unique innovations throughout the ship that will enhance the Princess Cruises experience that cruisers have come to know and love.

Crewmember Claims and Why it is Imperative to Hire an Experienced Maritime Lawyer

Apr 07, 2016

Crewmembers sustain accidents onboard cruise ships, cargo vessels, and boats regularly, but the cases that actually get documented are few and far between. Cases involving sicknesses - especially Norovirus and most recently bacterial Meningitis onboard an MSC cruise ship - slip and fall injuries, equipment-related accidents, violence, crime, and several other incidents rarely see the light of day because companies work diligently to keep them hidden from the public eye.

Royal Caribbean Most Popular Cocktails

Apr 07, 2016

Alcoholic beverages are typically not included in the services offered in a Caribbean cruise, but on the first day passengers can buy a package on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that allows the consumption of beer, spirits and cocktails cold throughout the trip. "Whereas this cruise most customers are from the United States, what comes out is more beer and frozen drinks like margarita and piña colada.But, vodka and wine as well, "said the manager of food and beverage Oasis of the Seas, Errol Saldanha.

Nasty and Bitchy Roommate Crew Members

Apr 07, 2016

After a long day at work on a cruise ship you can go back in your cabin and spend some time watching movies, listen music or rest . Every crewmember wants some privacy when off duty, however this is not possible because you are shareing your cabin with your roommate or sometimes with 3 roommates. All crew members have different habits and personalities so the chances of not getting along are high. When you board the cruise ship you cant chouse your roommates so the crew purser will assign you in a cabin where space is available.

Sinking Myths: Women and Children First, Not True

Apr 07, 2016

The idea that a shipwreck women and children are rescued first is a myth. According to experts  who analyzed 18 marine disasters and found that, in general, men prefer to save themselves.

Most Annoying Things Cruise ship Passengers do in the Dining Room

Apr 07, 2016

Here are some of the most annoying things passengers on a cruise ship can do from a waiter’s point of view.

1.    Ordering Multiply main courses. Oh man I know its free of charge but you don’t need to look like pig and have three plates in front of you.

Crew Pay Day, O happy Day!

Apr 07, 2016

Its 15th of  the month and its Lasagna time as crew like to call the pay day. There is a big line in front of the crew payroll office, everybody is waiting for their well earned money. When is my turn I need to count the cash money and sign the pay slip. Salary is paid in cash on cruise ship so you take your money and you hide it somewhere in your cabin or place it in a safe box. There is Wire transfer so you can send your money back home with small fees around $10 depending of the amount.

Interview Tips

Apr 05, 2016

When you are preparing answers for the interviewer's questions, emphasize the qualities you posses which are related to the position you are applying for. Offer answers which will leave the interviewer as if you are the only possible candidate for the position, but even more importantly, be honest.

Protesting and Consequences on a Cruise Ship

Apr 05, 2016

Through out our human history, people have expressed their interests and concerns to their employers, but thought the history of the cruise industry this has not been such an often occurrence for many reasons.

Surviving Love on a Cruise Ship

Apr 05, 2016

People who have worked on cruise ships for few contracts know what to expect and what not to expect out of living and working on the metal giants of the open seas. Crew members with experience know that relationships and love on a cruise ships are not the same as on land. Casual sex aboard the cruise ships is expected since most of the times people do not end up on the same ships every contract.